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The magic of culinary tourism happens JoinTodayButtonwhen visitors experience cuisine and culture together. Our fertile plateau ringing Mt. Rainier is rich with a bounty of small farms, skilled artisan food and drink producers, and passionate restaurateurs such as Donn and Kelly Bauer. (Read their open letter and invitation to join us.)

Read invitation letter from Kelly & Donn Bauer
Read invitation letter from Kelly & Donn Bauer

Every day we celebrate and continually expand the service of: local, seasonal and sustainable farm-to-fork (or “plateau-to-plate”) encounters. This is the purpose for the Rainier Taste Trail!

Engaging the program management services of S3 Solutions – the backbone behind the successful Olympic Culinary Loop  – We’d like you ask you to join the Rainier Taste Trail (RTT) today as we forge a delicious destination around Rainier!

In order to organize and start we’ve begun to develop the following  operational elements. (Please realize these are “works-in-progress”. You’re invited to comment – better yet – get involved with the evolution of our Rainier Taste Trail!)

  1. Planning:
    1. Business Plan (Draft)
    2. Bylaws (Draft)
    3. Launch Calendar (Work in Progress!)
  2. Product Development
    1. Mission | Vision | Values
    2. Communicating the RTT Story
    3. Print & Digital product engagement platforms
  3. Membership
    1. Values proposition
    2. Sales Funnel – From qualified lead prospecting to closure
  4. Member Services
    1. A Place on the Trail
    2. Marketing Campaign
    3. FAM / Travel Writer Engagement
    4. Networking
      1. Farm to Fork
      2. Collaborations
      3. Education / Best Practices
  5. Organizational Leadership
    1. Contracted Staffing Model
    2. Advisory Group / Steering Committee
  6. Budget
  7. Join us today!

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